Tom Fitzsimmons is a long-time veteran of the oil-and-gas industry. From an engineering background, he has built his expertise in the areas of mergers, acquisitions, investment and consultation. But is in his wheelhouse finding value where others have not.

He started his career in 1982 working the frontlines in northern Canada’s oil and gas service industry. Tom completed his Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering at the University of Wyoming. Upon graduation, he moved to west Texas where he worked the legendary Yates Field for 6 years. He later moved to Canada working a heavy oil asset as a senior development engineer. In 1998 Tom returned to the USA and was business manager for an integrated major oil companies 13 western states

In 2002 co-founded CBM International Engineering, which provided CBM focused engineering to domestic and international clients. In 2004 he sold his interest in CBM International and joined forces with James Nielson, former President and CEO of Husky Oil. They formed Iron Creek Energy Group (ICEG) and acquired over $100MM in oil and gas assets in Wyoming. In 2008 ICEG was sold, and Tom was retained by the buyer to serve as its Business Unit Leader. In the three years that he managed this new business unit, Tom led the effort in over $200 million of acquisitions.

In September of 2015, Tom’s investment firm partnered with private equity to create a new company with the sole purpose of acquiring 6,800 producing wells and a million acres in mineral position all located in Wyoming.

Tom has had the opportunity to experience both sides of flying; that is, as a private pilot himself and as a business customer being flown on private jets. His experiences will only help to serve you better at Airside Aviation.

Tom has served as Commissioner on the Wyoming Oil and Gas Commission, Chairman of the Wyoming Enhanced Oil Recovery Commission, and Chairman of the Northern Rockies Chapter of the Society of Petroleum Evaluation Engineers. He is registered as a Petroleum Engineer in Wyoming and Montana.

Tom lives in Cody, Wyoming in the summer and Lubbock, Texas in the winter but is highly mobile and ready to meet with you to discuss your aviation needs.