To call George Canyon “accomplished” would be the understatement of the century. Throughout his country music career he has won many awards, Juno Awards, CCMA Awards, and ECMA Awards to name a few, for his music, has been inducted into the Nova Scotia Country Music Hall of Fame, recorded 12 albums, regularly performs all over the world, and has acted in a number of films, television shows, and stage plays. He is a highly regarded humanitarian, strong supporter of the military, home games anthem singer for the Calgary Flames and, a proud father and devoted husband.
But his passion for aviation has been the driving force throughout his life.

Since the age of five, George wanted to be a pilot in the Canadian Air Force. He remembers always staring skyward, searching for airplanes, listening for their engines and searching for contrails in hopes of catching a glimpse. His pilot dreams took a detour when he was diagnosed at age 14 with Type 1 diabetes, but that didn’t stop him. He learned to manage his disease through diet, lifestyle and the effective use of an insulin pump and achieved, what was a milestone dream, of becoming a pilot over a decade ago. He has also completed seven and a half years of service as an honorary colonel in the Canadian Air Force. And now, he is a certified private pilot in fixed wing and helicopters.

For those who share in the same love for aviation, the sky is home. George continues to embrace and share his love for the sky by engaging youth. He developed a program in 2009 aptly named “The Sky’s Not The Limit”. This program, also partnered with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) has him flying his aircraft across the country into airport hangars for a series of talks and performances for children and families living with diabetes. George inspires people with Type 1 Diabetes to pursue their dreams, no matter what the odds.

When George is not performing on stage, he navigates his time as an experienced puchaser and seller in aircraft sales, planes, helicopters and jets. George offers his experience to assist and direct his clients in obtaining the best quality aircraft to suit their needs.