Mooney M-20F Exec


$99,000 Sold



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3429 AFTT


 Engine – Lycoming IO-360 A1A


  • New Glass throughout the entire aircraft. Wind Shield is NEW ¼” Plexi-Glass.
  • Soundproofing installed with new interior and glass.
  • Electric retractable gear.
  • Manual hydraulic flaps.
  • Engine – Lycoming IO-360 A1A (200 hp fuel injected) with approx. 145 hours since total and complete overhaul including all accessories and components.
    • New Superior Millennium Cylinders
    • New SkyTec starter
    • New Plane Power Alternator & Voltage Regulator replacing old OE generator
    • Bendix Magnetos
    • New air flow baffles
    • New Throttle, Propeller Pitch, and Mixture controls installed with engine overhaul.
  • Exhaust Oil Re-circulator/Filter (No belly streaking)
  • Propeller – 3-Blade Constant Speed McCauley – 200 hours since complete prop and governor overhaul with stainless spinner.
  • Oil Cooler radiator completely overhauled and rebuilt
  • JPI EDM-700 digital engine data monitor
  • All new Antennas
  • New Artificial Horizon
  • New Battery 2014
  • All new tires and inner tubes
  • New brakes
  • Garmin 530WAAS with Nav/Com Flip-Flop tied to a new GI-106 Glide Slope and OBS
  • Bendix / King KX-125 Flip-Flop Nav/Com Radio tied to a new MC-60 Glide Slope and OBS
  • Garmin GDL-69A XM Radio / XM Weather
  • Garmin GMA-347 Audio Panel with last message Play-Back, and 4-Place Intercom with Pilot / Co-Pilot Isolation
  • Garmin GTX-330 Mode-S Digital Transponder (Not ADSB Compliant)
  • 406/121.5mhz EPIRB/ELT
  • All flight instruments lighted with Rheostat controlled UMA White Light Wedges
  • Front gear wheel yoke replaced in 2014 with new steering linkage and new landing gear pucks.
  • New air induction and cabin ducting
  • Both wing tanks inspected and sealed. New sumps in both wing tanks
  • Both Steering Horns received new Black Powder Coat to Like New with New Leather wraps and PTT on both the pilot and co-pilot horns.
  • Next Annual will be due in July, 2019


Gray Leather Interior – 9.5 of 10


  • White Paint with Maroon and Gray trim – 9.5 of 10