Cessna 182P C-GWMV


$140,000 USD Sold




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TSOH 246

Garmin GNS430

King KMA-24H  Audio Panel

King KX-155  Nav/Com

King KR-87 ADF Rcvr

King KI-227 ADF Indicator

King KT-76A Transponder

King KI-209 ILS Indicator

NAT AA80-2003 Intercom

Morrow 428-2003 Altitude Encoder

Davtron 301C OAT

Davtron M800 Clock

Edo-Aire 4000D-1 Directional Gyro

Garmin GA-56 GPS Antenna

MidContinent MD200306 Indicator

STEC ST-901 GPSS Converter

STEC Turn Coordinator

STEC Pitch Computer

STEC Roll Servo

STEC Pitch Servo

STEC Pres Tranducer

SK 182 -78 Carb heat Shroud

SA97-33 Accorn Heat Exchanger

SA4005NM Pulse light Controller

SA2162 NM = SE1780NM STDBY Vac System