2009 Zenair CH801QBK


$99,000 USD




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Lycoming 0-360 B EXP



Hartzell HC-C2YK-1BF/F8

  • Dynon Avionics – FlightDEK-D180
    • Dynon EMS Probe Kit 101716-000 – Fuel Injected: Fuel/Coolant/Fluid Pressure Sensor 50PSI
    • Autopilot
  • EKP IV Pro GPS
  • PS Engineering – PMA6000-Series Audio Control Panel w/ Monaural Intercom
  • Microair Avionics – M760 Transceiver
  • Microair Avionics – T2000SFL Transponder
  • UMA Inc – Flap Position Indicator

The Zenair CH801QBK is a versatile and rugged aircraft designed for short takeoff and landing (STOL). The aircraft is also equipped with reinforced landing gear, making it suitable for rough terrain and off-airport operations. 

The cockpit of the CH801QBK is spacious and comfortable, with good visibility and easy access for both the pilot and passengers. The aircraft can accommodate up to four people, including the pilot.  

The combination of avionics and safety features this aircraft is equipped with create a reliable and efficient machine that provides pilots with advanced technology and tools to enhance their flight experience and safety. Some of the features included are: FlightDEK-D180, T2000SFL, and Flap Position Indicator. 

Overall, the Zenair CH801QBK is a robust and capable aircraft that is ideal for adventure flying and off-airport operations. Its STOL capabilities, reinforced landing gear, and spacious cockpit make it a popular choice for bush pilots and backcountry enthusiasts. Contact us today to schedule a viewing and take the first step towards owning your dream aircraft.